All visitors to the surgeries must wear a face mask (although you don’t need to look like the people above!)

Your safety and that of our staff are of paramount importance. We have and will continue to follow all government, NHS and surgery guidance on Covid-19 preventative measures.

We closed completely during the lockdown and only opened when permitted and after agreeing procedures with the surgeries. These include:

  • We allow additional time during the day for sanitising the treatment rooms between clients.
  • In addition to our normal protective gear of disposable gloves and face masks, we also wear faceshields.
  • Clients do not need to touch door handles etc.
  • Contactless card payment is available.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided.

We may change some of these measures or add new ones as we and the practice continually review what is appropriate in light of the latest guidance.

The above is in addition to our usual sterile working procedures which include autoclave sterilised instruments or disposable instruments for all clients.

We understand that this is a concerning time for many of our clients who need to be particularly careful about Covid-19. We are happy to address any questions you may have and we will provide every assistance and reassurance possible before and during your treatments with us.